about us

Holidays in Cornwall were a part of many people's childhoods. Now, as grown-ups, lots of us lead hectic lives and often know we need to escape and recharge our batteries, but don't have time to plan it. We have been there, and we're determined to make it easy for you to come and enjoy the relaxing holiday you need, in this breathtaking part of our county, the far west of Cornwall.

While most businesses want to grow, to take over the world, at The Cornish Way we decided from the outset that we want to be small, to do what we do extremely well for just a select group of guests and property owners. Quality over quantity. We provide luxury and character holiday cottages in the far west of Cornwall, and work with you to provide whatever it is you'd like to make your holiday experience perfect. No need to trawl through dozens of websites. If you’re planning to come to the far west, we are sure you will find the ideal place among our bespoke collection of cottages. Even if we can’t find a fit we would love to chat and are always more than happy to point you in the right direction. We’re sure you’ll come back and stay with us another time so just call or email and we will always find the time to try and help.

We only look after gorgeous houses in the far west, because that's the area we are passionate about, and know intimately well. If you would like a plan of activities for your holiday let us know what you're looking for. Whether booking a surf lesson, dog sitting, a yoga class, a meal on arrival or having your shopping delivered and unpacked, just ask. In fact, anything you can think of give us a try and we will always do what we can to make your perfect holiday happen.

A Little Bit of History

The Cornish Way started back in 2010 when Kelvin Collins, having been letting his home above Gwenver beach, got a knock on the door from a neighbour asking if he would look after his cottage. The answer was yes and the Cornish Way was born. We still look after that very first property, The Old Dairy, for Mark and Fiona. Since then The Cornish Way has continued to develop organically, by word of mouth looking after a growing collection of cottages for their owners and lucky guests. 

I am Seb Blakemore and am lucky enough to live in West Cornwall and run the Cornish Way. I came down to the far west for a sabbatical. That was 11 years ago. I never went back.

I have spent almost three decades working for property and holiday companies from small agencies to large corporates so hopefully have picked up a thing or two. I have experienced being both an owner and a guest and am always happy to help so whether you’re looking to buy, let or come down on holiday, do get in touch.