The Cornish Way - luxury holiday cottages in the far west of Cornwall

Amanda & Kelvin

Holidays in Cornwall were a part of many people's childhoods. Now, as grown-ups, lots of us lead really busy lives and often we know we need to get away and recharge our batteries, but we don't have time to plan it.

We have been there, and we're now determined to make it easy for you to come and enjoy the relaxing holiday you need, in a great location in the far west of Cornwall.

We created The Cornish Way to make it easy for a family, several families, or a couple, to plan and enjoy a well-earned break in our favourite part of the world.

While most businesses want to grow, to take over the world, we decided from the outset that we want to be small, to do what we do extremely well for just a select group of guests and property owners. We provide luxury holiday cottages in the far west of Cornwall, and work with you to provide whatever it is you'd like to make your holiday experience perfect.

We only look after gorgeous houses in the far west, because that's the area we know intimately well. If you would like a plan of activities for your holiday let Kelvin know what you're looking for and he'll write some notes for you.

We are Amanda and Kelvin Collins. Kelvin was lucky enough to have been born and brought up nearby. When he first brought Amanda here she wanted to stay, there and then. Her dream is on the cusp of becoming a reality.

The Cornish Way is based in the centre of St Just, the UNESCO World Heritage Site old mining town that retains so much of its original character and charm. If you're nearby drop in and say hello, Archavon is on Market Street, 100 metres from the Co-operative towards the car park.

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